Rickaby Walton focusses on executive search and general recruitment for managerial level. With our personal and committed approach, we identify, develop and recruit top talent, in line with the needs, goals, values and aspirations of your company.

Talk to us about your candidate requirements. Contact Orajit (Khun Onn), Managing Director and find out how we can help you in your next search.

Executive search takes in such a wide range of sectors and business needs, we knew we had to have a niche. So we’ve focused on quality.

We take pride in our multi-sector expertise and our ability to find, evaluate and recruit premium quality talent. By applying the lens of quality to every search, we focus on finding the best available people, not just those who actively looking.

At Rickaby Walton, we make it our business to understand our clients’ precise requirements. This means that we find them the best people with the appropriate skills and personality traits to fit into their company culture.

What really stands us apart from other recruitment businesses is that we don’t overpromise – we focus on the tangible benefits we deliver on a consistent basis, including:

  • Knowledge and experience: Our consultants are equipped with practical, relevant experience of recruiting at the highest level
  • International expertise: Access to an exclusive network of national and international candidates throughout the region and more.
  • Exclusive talent assurance guarantees: We guarantee the candidate’s success and we only raise an invoice after the candidate has begun working for the client.
  • Comprehensive candidate profiling: A candidate report is provided (see example) for each shortlisted candidate, which provides the client with valuable information in addition to the CV.

Executive Mapping is a powerful business intelligence tool. It provides detailed information on competitor organisations and their structures.

This service is used by clients who wish to obtain detailed information on key personnel operating within their competitors and who also may wish to gain further insight into competitors operating within their market sector.

A typical Executive Mapping and Research Project includes the identification of all relevant individuals, their job title, areas of responsibility and position within the organisation. Once completed, a detailed Identification Report is presented to the client.

We can also make direct contact with those individuals identified as being of interest in order to obtain other client requested information such as current salary and package details, loyalty factors, career history and marketplace overview.

Detailed Response Reports are submitted to the client with an overall summary of the project, highlighting key and dominant factors that emerge from our research together with other information which may be of interest.

This in-depth, high value information can often influence a client’s future strategy and can also form the basis of a specific confidential Search project.

For a hiring manager, drafting a job description (JD) is just as important as writing a CV is for a job seeker. With high levels of competition for top talent in the job market, crafting a comprehensive JD is essential to attract the right individuals to your company. A good JD isn’t just about listing the responsibilities of the role, it’s an opportunity to engage talent and demonstrate what they will gain from employment in your organisation.

JD writing & editing team will work with you to create your unique description for your organization, print and digital needs. With a distinctive tone and adaptable writing style, we use our expertise to create accurate message to enhance your existing material and to produce engaging original content.

See our work for the JD Clinic below:
Click here for original JD
Click here for modified JD

Affordable to you and your business, JD Writing & Editing will find the words that get your organization and job advertising noticed.

For enquiries related to the JD clinic, please email

Stand Out Through Business Etiquette Training


In business, presentation is everything. Without preparation, knowledge, skill and training, it is nearly impossible to put your best foot forward and stand out in the crowd. Everyday, hiring and promotion opportunities are lost, teams are rendered ineffective, customer loyalty wanes, and professional relationships are compromised due to avoidable mistakes in etiquette (through conduct or presentation).


To succeed in today’s highly competitive market you need an advantage. Regardless of your industry or profession, the manner in which you conduct business far outweighs a ‘superior’ product or service. Learn etiquette skills that will give you that advantage and help you outclass your competition.

Rickaby Walton can help you identify necessary skills to better impact your business and social relationships and improve your overall success. We teach you diplomacy strategies and help you develop professional savvy to effectively navigate through daily life in a manner that is more productive, fulfilling and profitable.

Through our etiquette coaching and training programs you will learn invaluable skills and discover how to:

  • Make powerful first impressions
  • Conduct yourself with confidence and class in business and social situations
  • Strengthen relations within your professional community
  • Remove the anxiety of business socialising
  • Network with ease and effectiveness

Rickaby Walton provides individuals with knowledge to enhance their personal and professional image; and to develop skills to conduct business in a more professional manner through etiquette consultation.


Success in business is based on 85% conduct and 15% competence. You’ve learned the technical skills; let us help you with the rest.

TRAINING Courses offer:

Corporate Etiquette Training & Keynote Presentations

We are pleased to offer onsite training, keynote presentations and customized employee training programs. Soft skills training in the area of business etiquette will positively impact your business image and your bottom line. We have trained groups of employees, sales associates, management teams, front-line employees, and everyone in between.

One-on-One Etiquette Coaching:

Individual coaching designed to enhance your personal marketing. Lessons are individually designed to meet your needs. Clients outside of Bangkok area may be accommodated via internet-based training sessions. Subjects include social grace essentials, business wardrobe, body language, posture and poise, how to work a room, employment coaching, and faux pas to avoid that will hinder your success.

Our fees are competitive within the marketplace. They reflect the level of responsibility, anticipated degree of complexity and amount of consultant input and resources required. Each assignment is agreed in writing beforehand, including our timetable commitment to the shortlisting stage.

Our recruitment service agreement details all fees so that the client knows exactly how much to budget for the completion of the assignment in advance, it being a fixed price contract.

Our fees are a standard, vary from 15 – 25% of annual remuneration salary for each assignment.

About Us

Rickaby Walton is a boutique recruitment service placing the right candidate in the critical position that really matters to you. We have a dedicated, flexible and hands on focus to achieve our fundamental goal: “Providing exceptional talents to further our clients’ success”

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